LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT’S purpose is to spread joy through refresher courses on laughter and healthy living, connecting with others who want to feel good.

LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT captures the child-like qualities in us all because laughter builds the lion-size roar that captures the soul.

LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT is NOT jokes, humorous dialogs, or stand-up comedy.  It is experiencing the feeling of joy flowing from our inner selves through laughter. Laughter offers fun and relaxation for you, the caregiver, activity professional, aging parent, family member, friends, resident or patient with a chronic or debilitating disease.

LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT recognizes the entrepreneurs with a yen for positive change who daily face life with energy and enthusiasm. When life throws us curves, there are tools to lighten the load. Laughter yoga adds to our treasure chest of tools.

LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT offers professionals who have worked in long-term care for decades, seeking tools to help us all live life to the fullest. These long-time business operators and consultants have added a new dimension to your careers: LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT - our most fun venture.

LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT provides tools to move people from exhausted to energized, guilty to free, grief to joy, and from despair to happiness. Laughter makes us feel good, and, quite frankly, in the world today, it keeps us healthy. After our first workshop with activity professionals, everyone had so much fun they went home with sore jaws and hoarse voices. Now, leaders find Laughter Enrichment as therapeutic for them as it is for the participants.

Why Laugh?

Because it’s fun! …and having fun relaxes you …when relaxed you don’t worry …and when you don’t worry …you feel better …and you stay healthier


Sharon McIntyre, ACC, Certified Laughter Leader and Owner

Sharon McIntyre has reinvented herself. Following a career measuring decades in nonprofit work, she has become a Certified Laughter Leader and designed LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT programs especially for you.

Her skills evolved as a creative entrepreneur while serving as executive director of nonprofit organizations.  Always a mover and shaker, Sharon has developed numerous innovative programs for seniors and residents of long-term care statewide. Her work has earned her local, state, and national awards. Still, she believes that her greatest accomplishments are those that result from her passion to create positive change for those challenged by disabilities.

Throughout her career as Executive Director of the Resident Councils of Washington (RCW), Sharon developed programs for the elderly and disabled that would have challenged the most educated. Now, that strong belief in self, letting go of the past, and enthusiastically building on your talents, is thrusting her forward into the next phase of her life.

A professional facilitator, event planner, and speaker, Sharon has developed hundreds of seminars, conferences, and special events. Her mission has always been to empower people to live life to the fullest. As she closes a successful career with RCW, she continues her enthusiasm to help others rediscover joy in their lives through LAUGHTER ENRICHMENT.

What Others Say?

“I have worked with Sharon McIntyre and her consultants for more than two decades, and you don’t spend that much time with someone without a good reason. My reason is that Sharon is fun to be around. She has what the Zen folks would call a “light soul” and she shares it. The basis for her beautiful disposition comes from self-confidence. She is talented, experienced leader, with great compassion for others; and she knows what she’s doing. Her greatest gift is sharing her combination of Compassion, Confidence, and Comedy. Cool!”
-Val Dumond, Author, Editor, Trainer

“Sharon McIntyre has always been a mover and a shaker and now she is adding Laughter Leader to her credentials. She has encouraged, enabled, and empowered co-workers, seniors, and friends to live life to the fullest. Sharon has advocated for basic rights for all citizens across the state of Washington and throughout the United States. Her talent, confidence, and empathy for those without a voice are now channeled into helping others release their inhibitions through Laughter Yoga.”
-Mikel Ann Robinson, CTRS, Consultant, Educator

“In the years that I have known Sharon McIntyre, her humor and positive attitude have soothed and resolved many challenging situations. She instinctively knows that addressing conditions, not people, will render the most positive outcomes. This was consistently demonstrated in her work with seniors with severe disabilities, and superb management of two advisory boards simultaneously. I can’t think of a better person to bring passion and the power of humor to any type of setting."
-Lourdes E. Alvarado- Ramos, Deputy Director
WA State Department of Veterans Affairs

Pam Vanoverbeke, life enrichment director, said McIntyre has a talent for reading the people in a group. Vanoverbeke had hired McIntyre to come in once a month for workshops for residents.  “They loved having her,” she said. “Days later they were still talking about it.  They get excited about and tell others.”

She said since McIntyre varies her sessions, it doesn’t get boring for returning participants.  “I’ve seen people in the class laughing whom I’ve never seen laughing before.  That alone is worth it,” she said.

And that’s one of the reasons McIntyre loves laughter yoga.  After working with vulnerable populations for so long and still being an advocate for the elderly, she said she still likes to focus on the elderly or those who are ill because they especially need a laugh.  Hospital and hospice setting are other areas she hopes to bring laughter including for caregivers.
-Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal -Rodika Tollefson, Writer

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